Brooke Mangiardi

Coffee Order: Black Coffee with Sugar

Eileen Hornbostel

#Caffeinated with Eileen Hornbostel

Eileen is a Junior Liberal Arts Major with two teaching credentials for Multi-Subject and Single-Subject. Her favorite color is gray because she finds it soft and pretty, and finds that it complements everything. Her theme song is “Come on Eileen”, by Dexys Midnight Runners. If she could eat one type of food for the rest of her life it would be Italian food. If she could have one superpower it would be teleportation. What she feels is the most important thing in life is making something good out of any situation. If she could be any person for 24 hours she would want to be Queen Elizabeth I to see what it would be like to be Queen.

One coffee, one friend, and one conversation is all it takes to get to know someone new.

Brooke Mangiardi

Coffee Order: An Enlightened Yerba Mate or an Iced Hazelnut Coffee with Almond Milk

Annabelle Childers

#Caffeinated with Annabelle Childers
Annabelle is a Freshman Journalism Major at Pepperdine University. She really loves pastel colors like pale blues, coral pinks, and pale yellows. If she could invite one person to the dinner table it would go Sam Smith, then Alec Benjamin, and then Taylor Swift. Her favorite time of the day is 5:20 at Pepperdine because of the sunsets, but she also loves the morning walks from her dorm to main campus. Her biggest passion is music, and one of her goals is to reach 1000 monthly listeners on Spotify(link below). Her favorite Holiday is Christmas and she loves Watching Hallmark movies with her family. The number one quality she looks for in a person is their authenticity. If she had a time where she could say one thing to the entire population of the world, it would be, “Treat others with love and respect.”
One coffee, one friend, and one conversation is all it takes to get to know someone new!

Annabelle Childers on Spotify

Brooke Mangiardi

Coffee Order: Iced White Mocha With Soy Milk

Brooke Mangiardi

#Caffeinated with Brooke Mangiardi

Brooke Mangiardi is a Sophomore Psychology Major at The Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. Her favorite color is all shades of red.  If she could invite one guest to the dinner table, it would be Kylie Jenner because she's her idol.  Her favorite meal of the day is breakfast, she believes that it has the best food, and her favorite breakfast food is any type of bagel.  If she could shape shift between herself and any animal at any moment, she would want it to be a panther, because she's been told that's her spirit animal. Her  favorite Holiday is Halloween, she loves pumpkins.  She feels her purpose is to help kids using her psychology degree.  The number one quality she looks for in people is positivity.  

One coffee, one friend, and one conversation is all it takes to get to know someone new!

Instagram: @BrookeMangi

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